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IDevice Icon The Encounter

I leaped behind a tree and saw a little girl coming down the trail carrying a basket. I had a strange feeling about this little girl right away because she was dressed funny.

Naturally I stopped to check her out. I asked who she was, where she was going, where she had come from, and all that. She gave a song and dance about going to her grandmother's house with basket of lunch.


IDevice Question Icon What is your answer?
Which of the following was the wolf feeling at this point?

IDevice Question Icon Why?
What made the wolf feel that way?
The girl's dress was different
The girl was carrying a basket.

IDevice Icon And then . . .

cottage in woodsShe appeared to be a basically honest person, but she was in my forest and she certainly looked suspicious with that strange getup of her. So I decided to teach her just how serious it is to prance through the forest unannounced and dressed funny.

I let her go on her way, but I ran ahead to her grandmother's house. When I saw that nice old woman I explained my problem and she agreed that her granddaughter needed to learn a lesson. The old woman agreed to stay out of sight until I called her. Actually she hid under the bed.



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