Comprehension Check


Nonverbal communication includes apparent behaviors such as:
(Place a check mark next to the statements that you agree are apparent behaviors, then click on "Show Feedback").

Facial expressions
Tone of voice
Spatial distance

Place a check mark next to any FALSE statements below, then click on "Show Feedback".

Nonverbal output cannot be turned off.
Silence does not speak.
Verbal output can be turned off.

The Mehrabian Equation indicates what percentage of a message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is in the WORDS that are spoken:
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Place a check mark next to each of those statements that you would agree are effective Immediacy Behaviors demonstrated by Teachers in the classroom, then click on "Show Feedback".
Gestures while talking to the class
Uses vocal variety (non-monotone) when talking to the class
Smiles at the class when talking
Verbal aggression

True-False Question
Is this statement true or false? (Click on the appropriate radio button).

The research findings about DANVA have shown that expressing and reading emotions are related.

True False
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The Game below named "Snakes and Ladders - Communicate Your Way to the Top" is optional and allows you to review some basic information about Verbal & Nonverbal Communication. This Game and other games about Conflict Resolution that can be used in class can be found on The CRETE Connection website at:


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