Video 3 - "Return of the Supervisor"

IDevice Icon Watch the Video and Reflect

This third video is a demonstration of a successful TRIAD meeting and conversation. In this case, good communication skills are utilized during the discussion.

While viewing the video, you can recognize the necessary communication skills that are used during the successful TRIAD:

  • The initial greeting
  • Re-statements
  • Questions to clarify needs/interests
  • Nonverbal and verbal attending signals
  • Paraphrasing
  • Finding a solution and reaching a consensus


Watch the video - "Return of the Supervisor" and reflect on the questions that follow.

iDevice icon Human Relations
How did the conversation progress differently with the student teacher in this video?
iDevice icon Active Listening Techniques
What is one type of active listening technique that was used during the conversation in this video at the school?
iDevice icon Overall Experience
In this video, as a result of the change in active listening techniques, what are some examples of how the overall experience was enhanced?

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