Goal Clarification

IDevice Icon Clarifying CRE Program Goals with Stakeholders

Below is an elaborated list of goals to help guide conversations with your stakeholders. These conversations are very important BEFORE you conduct an evaluation. If you are unclear about what you are trying to achieve, you’ll probably waste valuable time and money in an evaluation without a clear target.

As you review this list, begin thinking about which goals are clearly high priority for you and your school.

Create a Safe Learning Environment

  • Decrease incidents of violence
  • Decrease conflicts between groups of students; particularly intergroup conflicts based on racial and ethnic differences
  • Decrease suspensions, absenteeism and drop out rates related to unsafe learning environments

Create a Constructive Learning Environment

  • Improve school climate
  • Improve classroom climate
  • Promote a respectful and caring environment

Improve Classroom Management

  • Reduce the time teachers spend on disciplinary problems in the classroom
  • Increase use of student-centered discipline

Enhance Students’ Social and Emotional Development

  • Increase perspective taking
  • Develop problem-solving abilities
  • Improve emotional awareness and emotional management
  • Reduce aggressive orientations and hostile attributions
  • Increase students’ use of constructive conflict behaviors in schools and in home and community contexts

Create a Constructive Conflict Community

  • Increase parental and community involvement in school affairs
  • Link school CRE with larger community CRE efforts
  • Develop more peaceful communities

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