Case Studies

iDevice icon Repeating and Reminding

Chad would rather look at trading cards than do math. His teacher notices that he is playing with his cards during the lesson.

Teacher: Chad, I think you should put away your cards now.”

Chad: (puts the cards away, appears to watch the lesson for a few minutes, then takes the cards out again.)

Teacher: (notices the cards) “How many times do I have to tell you? Put the cards away.”

Chad: (puts cards away, then waits 15 minutes before bringing them out again.)

Teacher: (sees cards again) “That’s enough Chad, put the cards in your backpack or you can give them to me and pick them up after school.”

Why do you think Chad is not putting away the cards?

iDevice icon Speeches, Lectures and Sermons

Zach’s chore is to get the class snack from the downstairs cooler. He is gone for 10 minutes for what should have taken no more than 2.

Teacher: “Where have you been Zach? You should have been back long before now.”

Zach: “I had to go to the bathroom.”

Teacher: “You know that you must take care of bathroom breaks before the bell rings. I don’t like your lack of consideration for my rules. I have already started the next lesson, but now I will have to repeat the directions just for you. You’re wasting all of our time. What kind of classroom would we have if people just showed up when the felt like it, with no regard for the rules?”

Zach: “Sorry.”

What has Zach learned?

In the next section you will be introduced to Firm limits.

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