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Which of the following is the best definition of problem solving?
A process that follows a logical sequence in examining issues and identifying tools and techniques to apply to situations and evaluating the results as solutions
A process that uses many people and many resources to come up with a variety of ideas and potential solutions to problems

Which of the following best describes the relationship of problem solving to decision making?
Decision making can exist without problem solving. But problem solving always involves decision making.
Problem solving can exist without decision making. But decision making always involves problem solving.

Which of the following best defines mediation?
Mediation is a series of gives and takes that parties use to reach an acceptable or winning position.
Mediation facilitates communication between parties and can assist parties in resolving a dispute or enabling them to reach an agreement.

Which of the following is an effective mediation skill?

Which of the following best describes the relationship of negotiation to mediation?
Mediation is always the result of an unsuccessful negotiation process.
Mediation assists the negotiation process by having a mediator listen to both arguments and assist the them in reaching a consensus.

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