Respect and Disprespect

"Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of respect for all men." -- Jane Addams
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Respect is essential in effective interpersonal interaction. But, although most people say they want to communicate respect to the other, they may not know how their behaviors are communicating respect or disrespect.

Respect is about confirming the other person’s identity in a given interaction. And disrespect is about disconfirming their identity.

To be confirmed by another is to be valued as a human being. Without confirmation, we cannot build healthy relationships or societies. As Kathleen Ellis (2001) reminds us, the idea of confirmation started with the philosopher, Martin Buber, who felt that confirmation is the communication through which we discover and establish our identity as humans. Watzlawick, Beavin, and Jackson (1967) claimed it is the “greatest single factor insuring mental development and stability” (p. 84).”

Complete the exercise "Experience of Disrespect" that follows.

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