Gather Facts

IDevice Icon The 5 Why's

Some means of gathering data are:

  • define key terms
  • articulate assumptions
  • discuss the problem with someone else
  • get the viewpoint of others
  • use the 5 WHY's

The 5 WHY's consist of asking a series of questions about a problem until a cause that can be resolved is found. The more WHY's you ask about a problem, the closer you get to finding the cause.


  1. I can't teach. Why?
  2. The students are too noisy. Why?
  3. They are talking to each other. Why?
  4. The subject is not keeping their interest. Why?
  5. They don't know how it will affect their lives now and later. Why?
  6. No one has shown them or told them.

iDevice icon Problem Reflection
We need a better way to kill mice. 
There are some graphical ways to gather data called check sheets, fishbone diagrams and scatter diagrams. You can see them next.

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