Problem Solving Style

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Below are the characteristics for three problem styles--the Idealist, the Activist and the Realist. After you finish reading, answer the questions that follow.

Problem Solving Style




The idealist takes a holistic view:

· Welcomes a broad range of perspectives

· Seeks the ideal solution

· Is interested in values

· Is receptive of others' ideas

· Sees data and theory of equal value


The activist takes a diverse view:

· Looks for whatever works

· Seeks the shortest route to solution

· Is interested in innovation

· Is adaptive

· Accepts any data or theory that "gets us there"


The realist takes a sensible view:

· Relies on facts and expert opinion

· Seeks solutions that meet current needs

· Is interested in concrete results

· Is corrective

· Takes data over theory

IDevice Question Icon What is your style?
If you had to pick one of the styles as the one you use most frequently which would it be?

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How does your problem solving style affect your ability to work with others?

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