Implement and evaluate

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Make a list of the different options that you have generated. Select one or more solutions options from near the top of your list to try. Does the solution meet the goals and conditions set by the problem? Frequently the better option for implementation is the number two or number three choice. Measure the impact of the solution. The evaluation of your implementation is not based on whether or not you followed the steps, but on whether or not your goals are met.

Example: You have to meet a deadline at work but the last bus you can take home leaves at 5:40. The different options might be:

  1. Take a taxi. (simple, but very expensive and not reimbursable)
  2. Stay late and get a friend to pick you up (friend may not be available or willing)
  3. Leave on time and come in early the next day (works if deadline can still be met as "before business of next day")
  4. Take the work home and complete it there (good if internet connection is reliable and does not involve too many others)

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