IDevice Icon Negotiation Defined
The use of problem-solving and decision-making skills, individually or with a group, provide the foundation for negotiation which is a decision-making process where two or more parties who have shared and opposing interests communicate directly with each other and work together to resolve their conflict as a peaceful agreement. Negotiation is a collaborative process in which both parties must be willing to find common ground and brainstorm alternatives to satisfy interests.

  Reach In, Reach Out, Reach Over: Conflict Management Pilot Program In North Carolina, North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention – Center for the Prevention of School Violence Raleigh, North Carolina (2002)

IDevice Icon Steps in Negotiation

Step 1: Agreeing to Negotiate

Step 2: Gathering Information

Step 3: Finding Common Ground

Step 4: Creating Winning Options

Step 5: Evaluating Alternatives

Step 6: Creating an Agreement

IDevice Icon Words to the Wise

"When stakes are high, you can keep tension down by taking small steps toward the center. Let the other person make his argument first. Or, let him win a few small points. It's a way of acknowledging his feelings and encouraging him to reciprocate. This can lead to what we call the transformative moment -- when people are able to meet each other in deeper ways that allow for vulnerability."

Barbara Tint, Ph.D, director of international and intercultural conflict resolution for the conflict resolution graduate program at Portland State University, Oregon

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