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Quick Quiz to Check Understanding
You should check your perceptions directly with the person whose behavior you observed. Try to avoid indirect perception checking.


The purpose(s) for perception checking is to (choose one best answer):

check the accuracy of your perceptions and attributions

reduce uncertainty by further exploring the thoughts and feelings of others
provide a non-threatening opportunity for  the other person to explain their behavior
All of the above

Select the one best answer from the list below:

Perception is only influenced by the current situation/setting

First impressions are best when interpreting others' behavior

Personal biases seldom interfere with perception
None of the above

Which of the following is NOT one of the basic steps in perception checking?

Provide a description of the observed behavior
Complain to others about the person's behavior and then ask for their interpretation
Provide two alternative interpretations of the behavior
Request clarification from the person

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