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IDevice Icon Making a Good Delivery

Some REALLY important considerations when delivering a perception check:

  • Nonverbal congruency: Be certain that the way you approach the person and the way you say your thoughts are in no way accusing the person of anything.
  • Make sure you complete all three steps in order. Form a perception based on clues, consider two possible causes, ask why the person is behaving as he or she is.
  • Appropriateness: consider the cultural rules of the situation as well as if you are choosing the most appropriate time and setting to perform this skill.



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IDevice Icon Improving Your Accuracy

· Learn to separate facts from assumptions (inferences vs. facts)

· Remember that perceptions, especially first impressions are not always accurate

· Avoid mindreading (assuming we understand what another things, feels, or perceives)

· Recognize that people from different cultural backgrounds do not always share the same meanings of events, objects, etc.

· Remember that perceptions are a function of the perceiver, the perceived, and the situation in which the perception occurs

o Question the accuracy of our perceptions

o Perception-check whenever possible



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