Components of Active Listening

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A TRIAD is one of the many ways in which meetings and conferences can take place.

In this particular module, the three short videos helped depict unsuccessful and successful use of the components of active listening.

Many types of relationship skills are necessary for success in holding a productive TRIAD. It is beneficial for all parties if the meeting is well-prepared. For example, good human relations, perception checking, active listening, understanding of emotions, respect for another person’s point of view and effective questioning techniques are necessary skills for a successful meeting to take place.

Practicing active listening gives each party a chance to speak their concerns without constant interruptions and lessens the chance of conflict escalation. In addition, by paraphrasing, restating and utilizing questioning techniques, defensiveness can be diffused because people realize they have been heard.

During a student teacher analysis, it is also important to move forward and use the information gathered to formulate a plan for improvement, to reach a consensus, or to find a solution to a problem (Swan 1991).

In This Section...

This section of the module will depict some steps in the TRIAD process that, if used, will help the communication process be successful, efficient and productive for everyone.

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