The TRIAD Mnemonic

Pictured below are some easy-to-remember points related to having a TRIAD conversation. The TRIAD mnemonic highlights several things you can focus on in order to have successful communication during a TRIAD meeting.

IDevice Icon TRIAD Key Points

T - It is necessary for the participants in the TRIAD to take time to properly set up appointments and create and complete existing forms for the meeting so the process is beneficial for everyone.

R - It is necessary for the participants in a conversation to reflect, as the need arises,
the feelings of each individual based on his or her responses.

I - Inquiring and asking questions demonstrates that you are interested in more feedback from the participants.

A - Actively listening to participants during the TRIAD conversation helps participants to pay attention to what others are saying rather than to prepare a response.

D - It is important that people display genuine concern and respect for each other during the TRIAD and utilize simple steps to diffuse defensiveness during a conversation.


In the next section you will view 3 different takes on a TRIAD conversation that could have gone better than it did the first time. You will have a chance to view and contemplate what contributes to successful and not so successful TRIAD conversations.

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