The TRIAD Conversation

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A TRIAD conversation is a group of three people taking an active part in a conversation. In this particular module, three short videos focus on a student teacher's review meeting held to discuss the student's experience and performance working in a supervising teacher's classroom. Participants in the conversation include a student teacher, a school-based supervising/cooperating teacher and a university-based supervisor. A performance analysis of past behavior is discussed with the student teacher and future plans for development are considered. The process helps the teacher identify what training and development strategies are still needed to improve performance. For example, the meeting is held to:

• Acknowledge the merits and value of the teacher’s
progress in the classroom thus far
• Provide feedback on previous work in the classroom
• Develop an action plan for the remaining months
• Create new ideas and time lines together
• Gain the teacher's perspective and new ideas

(Swan 1991)

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